Bio4Expo: e-commerce reserved for exhibitors of Expo 2015


The organizers of Expo 2015 claim that bags and items of catering disposables used inside the exhibition area are biodegradable and compostable, committing themselves to recycle them in the circuit plan. The plastics industry has thus decided to create a platform for e-commerce reserved for exhibitors who require plates, dishes, glasses, cups, and other items for the catering and that you are organized by time.


Simply connect to Bio4Expo (, choose from the products available in the catalog, uniform price, and wait to be delivered directly to the stand.

The order management and logistics are managed by startups Sardinian Sarvex, through a warehouse located in the province of Vicenza; the delivery of products to the halls will be the task of the official supplier of Expo, DB Schenker. For payments, the platform uses the services of Banca Sella.

Bio4expo portal, currently under construction (to be operational in the first days of April), will also contain information in nine languages ​​on Italian law on waste management, with detailed fact sheets on biodegradability and compostability; this section will remain online even after Expo, when the e-commerce is no longer active.

The project Bio4Expo, sponsored by Assobioplastiche with the support of Novamont, is managed by Sarvex, under the coordination of the company's environmental communication Sisifo.

"It is a system operation that involves the world of bioplastics and compostable disposable - tells Polimerica the CEO of Sisyphus, Giuseppe Lanzi -. The goal is to provide a service to exhibitors and allow to achieve the objectives of sustainability that Expo has been given; it is not a mere commercial operation ". "There is also a second goal, to communicate to an international audience of non-specialists the values ​​of sustainable bioplastics, biodegradable and compostable what it means, what are the standards; this function will continue finished Exposure, through the pages of the portal. "

The project joined the main partners Assobioplastiche operating provider of catering, but there is always the opportunity to participate in the initiative, as long as members or joining.


Expo 2015 is the Universal Exhibition in Milan, on the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". Will be held in a large exhibition area (1.1 million square meters) near Rho (MI) from 1 May to 31 October. In the six months of opening, the organizers expect more than 20 million visitors.