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Milan, 28 April 2015 - is an initiative created for EXPO2015 exhibitors and event organisers who opt for tableware and other similar products made from Italian bioplastics for their catering needs during the 6 months of the event, thus helping reduce the event’s environmental impact.

After registering on, EXPO2015 exhibitors can then place their orders for items from a wide range of bioplastic catering products - cutlery, tea spoons and coffee cups, cups for hot and cold beverages, ice cream pots and spoons, containers for canapés, plates and bowls, food wrapping paper and bags for bread and sandwiches. Orders will be sent directly to the delivery platforms inside the EXPO area or to purchasers' own warehouses. 

Made from renewable raw materials and certified conforming to standard EN 13432, these bioplastic products provide a sustainable alternative to plastics made from hydrocarbons, as their biodegradability and compostability properties mean they can be disposed of together with food waste and sent for industrial composting. As a result, the quantity of unsorted waste produced by exhibitors during EXPO2015 will be reduced significantly.

Implemented by Sarvex under the aegis of Assobioplastiche, with the support of Novamont and coordination of Sisifo, Bio4Expo has come about as a result of the partnership between Italy’s leading bioplastics marketers - Bibo ItaliaEcozemaPolycart and Uso Bio, while Banca Sella provided the secure payments platform.

But Bio4Expo is more just than an online shop in Italian and English for trade operators. The website is also an open resource with in-depth information on bioplastics, separate collection, current legislation, the composting cycle, the Italian chemical sector and the circular economy. It also has all the latest news and updates on the world of bioplastics, information that will be available in Chinese, Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Hebrew.

"With ongoing climate changes and the environmental emergencies we face every day, it is only right that events like EXPO think about their impact on the local ecosystem. Bio4Expo was designed as a means of supporting EXPO in its objective of limiting total waste production and recycling the organic component. Food waste, when collected together with compostable containers and products (sacks, carrier bags, disposable tableware), can be transformed into biogas and/or compost and thus become a perfect example of the circular economy, in which nothing is wasted and everything is used again as a resource, all to the benefit of the environment," said Marco Versari, President of Assobioplastiche.

"Opting for bioplastic catering products will greatly reduce the production of unsorted waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions. At Bio4Expo we wanted to create a flexible platform offering a wide variety of products and guaranteeing complete security of transactions, thus meeting the needs of all EXPO exhibitors who are concerned both with the success of the event and with ensuring that it is environmentally sustainable. All the project partners have weighed in and pledged to help achieve the separate waste objectives announced by the event, in line with the sustainability policies of the Milan Municipality," said Viviana Usai from Sarvex, responsible for implementing Bio4Expo.


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