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Sarvex came up with this idea as it realised that even an individual organisation (or association, company, or public authority), as a multi-component body, needs facilitation strategies, which translate into processes that optimise and increase the efficiency of their resources and tools, in an effort to boost the development of their initiatives.

The term ‘facilitator’ is becoming more and more widespread in the business world, usually in terms of business networks. A facilitator is an expert or a pool of experts who develop and implement the best network strategies to boost the integration and development of a company’s business.

Sarvex provides such facilitation services to organisations, companies, public authorities as individual players or networks of players, with a focus on their sustainability and resilience through the stages of their life cycle: start-up, establishment, development and support in organisational change processes.

Facilitation work may be adjusted to each player or area:

  • Micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises: budgeting, management control, planning and development, workflow, communication.
  • Organisations: fund-raising, planning, communication.
  • Public authorities: local strategies, awareness-raising campaigns, public-private partnerships in social and environmental initiatives.


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