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Assobioplastiche, the Italian association of bio-plastics and biodegradable and compostable materials, was founded in 2011 by manufacturers, converters and users of bio-plastics who wished to interact with the institutions and other professionals interested in the development of this industry, both in Italy and abroad.

Headquartered and working in Rome, its ambition is to promote the use and reputation of bio-plastics in Italy as well as protecting the industry from unfair practices and unfair competition.

The association would like to help:

  • Enforce a regulatory framework that boosts the manufacture, popularity and proper use of low-impact materials;
  • Properly apply standards and certifications for biodegradable and compostable materials;
  • Promote EN 13432-certified ‘biodegradable and compostable’ seals to raise the consumers’ awareness of the value and specifications of such materials;
  • Develop new options for recycling the organic fraction of urban solid waste in support of composting and anaerobic digestion through a combination of all ‘end of life’ management methods, as laid down by the European Waste Management Directives.

Assobioplastiche specialises in communication campaigns at industry trade fairs, events and specialist conferences; publishes or helps publish institutional and educational documents; organises conferences and workshops.

In addition, Assobioplastiche   is directly involved in communication campaigns about biodegradable and compostable plastics, and promotes agreements with organisations and institutions that support the ‘end of life’ and local management of such materials.

 The Association has promoted lots of Green Public Procurement initiatives with public authorities, to have tableware for communal use (canteens, food festivals) made of compostable materials.


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Sede Legale: Via Fulcieri Paulucci de' Calboli, 9 - 00195 Roma

Sede Operativa: Via Cavour, 183/A - 00184 Roma

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